Welcome to Happy Feet Fitness

Worcester based Happy Feet Fitness was formed in 2015. When Marie got the all-clear from breast cancer she decided to leave work and spend more time doing the things she felt passionate about: spending time with family and friends, helping others and keeping fit and active.

​Marie and daughter Rhiannon started Happy Feet Fitness, combining Marie's enthusiasm for running with Rhiannon's 10 years experience as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. They are joined by a team of fully qualified Leaders in Running Fitness who are all keen runners themselves.
We know just how difficult it can be to make those first steps towards becoming more active, our style is fun and informal so that everyone feels comfortable.

The most important thing for everyone at Happy Feet Fitness is that anyone who joins one of our running programmes feels happy and supported. Exercise can be hard work but it should be enjoyable.

We offer a range of programmes. Whether you are a real beginner, a casual jogger who wants to push yourself further or have your heights set higher there should be something for you.

What we offer...
The Walking to fitness programme is ideal for complete beginners. It's the perfect way to get more active and prepare to join us for the Couch to 5K programme.​​
Couch to 5 K sesion
Weekly group coaching sessions to guide you from no running experience to being able to run comfortably for 30 minutes. All in just 9 weeks.
Group training sessions for those who can already run comfortably for 30 minutes but want to continue to improve their speed, stamina and pace.
Group coaching sessions tailored to progressing from a 30 minute run to achieving your 10k goal.
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